Why Green Cleaning Matters

Today more than ever, “environment friendly” is top of mind for many consumers and the businesses they deal with. When they have a choice, many consumers will choose to do business with those companies that take a positive stance on protecting the environment over those companies that do not.


There is no additional charge for our Green Cleaning service.



Calgary Green Cleaning

We are proud to be recognized as an environmentally friendly cleaning company in Calgary. Using our Green Cleaning service confirms your commitment to be environmentally responsible as well.

Let us introduce you to our environmental friendly services and you (and your customers) will be impressed. Contact us today!

Our Products and Processes

We source cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly, are non-caustic and contain no fluorocarbons or solvents. All of our Green Cleaning supplies are drain-friendly!

We also maintain your chain of custody for recyclable waste by ensuring it is kept separate from landfill waste and by ensuring placement into your recycle stream (bins). If you require assistance with removing recyclable waste, we can help you with this too!

Green Cleaning Identification Label

Let your customers, employees and visitors know that you truly care about the environment and are doing your part to protect the environment by using only environmentally friendly, green cleaning supplies, disinfectants and processes.

Confirm your commitment to a clean environment by displaying our proprietary Abco Certified labels throughout your facility, in washrooms, lunchrooms and on or near entry doors. We provide these labels to you at no charge as part of our Calgary Green Cleaning service.

Calgary Green Cleaning